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How to Wear It Wednesday

Intro to Series and The Mint Annabelle

Welcome to our FIRST “How to wear it Wednesday” blog post!  I am so excited to start this blog series for you SoCharm fans!  In addition to my love of jewelry, I have always loved styling friends and family, telling them what fashion pieces look good together and what pieces don’t. Part of what I want to do through SoCharm Designs is not just to create pieces that you like and want to wear, but also help bring confidence to women in both themselves and in their ability to style their pieces.  It is so amazing when the adding just the right accessory to an outfit immediately brings the entire look from drab to fab!!  And that helps us ladies to feel assured, positive, and bold.

Have you ever loved a piece of jewelry, shoes, or some other accessory, but didn’t know what in the world you would wear it with in your closet?  I know I have lots of times. Sometimes there are pieces that I absolutely adore in a store, on a model, or on a friend, but think in the moment “I have no idea what  I would wear this with,” and immediately hang up the notion that it would look good on me and/or be something I would get use out of once I spent money on it.  So I'll end up passing it by because of the obstacle of wondering what I would pair it with that I already have at home.  This blog series is meant to address those questions and how your favorite SoCharm Designs pieces can be worn with what you already have.

This first one will put the spot light on our mint Annabelle Necklace, the newest necklace to hit our Spring 2018 collection!!  You might think that because a necklace already has color in it (like these mint beads), it means you’ll be super limited in what you can wear with it.  Not true!!  Although you of course won’t be able to wear it with everything, there are tons of options these days when it comes to rules (or lack thereof) about pairing and styling colors together in your fashion.

Lets start with solid color options.

Navy, green, pink (I think this is my favorite), and of course neutrals such as white, black, tan, gray, etc. all look great with this piece.  You might not immediately think about colors like pink when you first look at the mint beads, but I think this color combo is fabulous!  And how great would this piece be with your favorite St. Patrick's day green??



Lastly on solid colors, although not pictured, this piece would also look great with a red or orange top.  I know it seems odd to pair mint blue with these colors, but given green and blue are opposite on the color wheel from red and orange, these colors actually complement the other and is a perfect way to add more options to styling this necklace.

Next, we'll look at pattern options.

Here's my general rule on pairing a colorful necklace with patterns that you are wearing.  Either wear it with a pattern that already has the necklace color in it (see the first two options below), OR pair it with a simple pattern that includes one of the solid color options listed above and one neutral color, like white or black.  For example, the fourth picture below is the necklace on top of a navy and white striped shirt.  Or another example, not pictured, would be a pink and white pattern.  The remaining options pictured include patterns with a couple of neutral colors in each one.




My caution would be to not let the pattern get too busy, that you end up losing sight of your jewelry.  If you are wearing a pattern that already has the color of your necklace in it (like the first two pictures), you can afford to let it be busier since the color is already incorporated into your clothes.  However, when pairing it with a pattern that does not have the color of the necklace in it, the necklace has a harder time keeping up and standing out, so keeping it simple is key.

Finally, my last tip for this necklace is don't be afraid to dress it up or down!  This necklace is certainly a statement piece that looks great with work clothes or for a night out, but I love how it flawlessly dresses up this t-shirt and jeans look!

So ladies, what are your favorite pairings and color combos?  Let me know by commenting below!  Do you have questions on what you would wear something with?  Comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.  You can also always email us at info@socharmdesigns.com.

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